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Surprise! You get a going away cap! I felt kind of bad leaving so abruptly, so as here’s something a little more. I had the idea for this cap and wondered why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. Anyway, I wasn’t going to write it, but I decided to ask 3 people irl if I should or shouldn’t ‘give a going away gift after I already left’, and they said go for it. All 3 of them. You guys have been so great to me, I thought at the very least you deserve something more than ‘bye’.

I had so much fun with this cap, more than any other cap I think I’ve made so far. (Silent Comfort and Chatterbox were two of the more fun caps I’ve written) This one, as you can see, piled up a whole bunch of fetishes, including one I never actually wrote a cap for.

Anyway, I’ll just be uploading this and leaving, once again, not sticking around for feedback. I also won’t be responding to anything since I left. (I'll come back if DA takes this down due to reasons to edit it and fix it if necessary) 

Also if it wasn't already clear, yes, this is actually my last caption and last time online unless the above sentence occurs. 

Heres the text: 

“I wish I had the power to telepathically give people fetishes and increase the intensity of said fetish as much as I want!” I yelled at the genie. I turned to look at Misty, who had a look of fear on her face. She knew what was coming. We’ve been friends a long time, and in that time she not only discovered I had a huge crush on her, but also discovered a few of my fetishes. She didn’t talk to me for over a week after discovering my love for… Well, you’ll see.

“Your second wish is granted.” The genie replied. (My first wish was the ability to make anyone horny whenever I want. I know I’m a pervert, but hey it’s fun, what can I say?) At that, Misty started to run for the door. To start my fun I gave her my TG fetish; the fetish of a boy turning in to a girl and vice versa. I loved the idea of growing boobs, losing my dick, and getting those massive hips. Misty collapsed and put her hands to her head.

“No! No!” She squirmed. “I like my body, and you should too!” She screamed. Let’s up the intensity slowly now… I thought to myself, snickering. “Please! Elliot! I love my boobs! I want a flat chest! I mean I don’t want a flat vagina! I meant chest! Elliot! Stop!” She moaned. Alright, now let’s really make her love it more than even I do. “Oh god! I want to know what it’s like to have a penis!” She sat straight and covered her mouth in shock. I lifted an eyebrow and continued increasing the intensity. I also decided to put my first wish to use. Her nipples became extremely visible under her dark green V-neck. “I want you to know what it’s like to be a girl! Here!” She said, standing up. “Stand behind me!” I moved behind her. “Get as close as you can!” I moved close, so close my hard on would have been in her butt if we weren’t both wearing clothes. “Yes, now look over my shoulders at my cleavage!” This is great. She put her hands on top of mine and put them on her boobs. “Now do whatever you want! Please! I hate you for this, but when you’re done I get to play with you from behind. I started to grope her size B cup boobs, squeezing them, and she gasped. “Oh, you want these so bad, don’t you?” It was then that she noticed the lamp lying on the floor. I guess the genie wasn’t interested in watching. She dove for it and immediately rubbed it. The genie was summoned, and she immediately made her wish, before the genie even had a chance to explain she was using my last wish. “I wish I could telepathically change anything or anyone however I desire!” She worded that perfectly.

“Your last wish has been granted.” The genie receded back in to the lamp, which promptly flew out my window and out of sight. Misty turned around to face me. She looked so happy she might explode. “Now I get to fulfill your dream!”

“Well now, wait, I like the idea of it, but I don’t actually want to-“ She didn’t let me finish. I immediately fell dizzy and landed on the couch. My hair lengthened and straightened out, coloring brownish red in front of my eyes. My body hair started to fall off and I felt my waist start to expand. My chest became heavy, and I felt my nipples become extremely sensitive as they rubbed against my white button-up shirt. I licked my lips which puffed up at my tongues touch and became covered in lip gloss. I blinked and I noticed my eye lashes had become black and long. I felt my head begin to crack and reshape to fit a more girly shape. I lost my uni-brow and my whole face felt hot and smooth, like an extremely precise shave, backed up with a bubble bath for my face. That feeling traveled down my face to my chest and down to my toes. Looking down I saw that my breasts were on the verge of breaking my shirt. I heard Misty giggle as I hurriedly went to unbutton my shirt. I had to undo 3 buttons to finally free my new D-cup breasts. Wow. These are amazing. Misty is great at this. My waist hadn’t stopped expanding yet and my jeans were starting to tear. Between my tight jeans and expanding thighs, my balls were being absolutely crushed. Luckily the sheer girth of my hard-on kept some of the pain at bay. The pain had become unbearable, and I started to take them off when my button burst off and my zipper broke, revealing my boxers. Misty giggled again, and changed my boxers to panties, crushing my balls even further. Then she turned my jeans in to some revealing nylons, finally allowing me to spread my new legs and give my balls a break. As I did this I watched them shrink in size under my panties until they slid inside me, along with my penis. I lifted my black panties to see a slit forming where my penis used to be. I touched it and I shrieked. It was a very feminine shriek, confirming my voice had already changed. My ass began to expand, and I felt myself start to sink in the couch, telling me that I had definitely put on some weight. I felt my panties begin to expand, trying to keep up with my ass, but I guess Misty hadn’t accounted for that, because they tore, revealing my new nether region. I put my hand over my vagina but found myself rubbing it, as I was still surprised to not find a penis there. I looked down at my new body, admiring it in silence.  

“Well, do you like it?!” Misty asked. I squeezed my breasts together with my arms, keeping my hands at my crotch. I watched them squish together like two big water balloons beneath my new tan, smooth, skin.

“I love it Misty, thank you.”

“Great! Then I can turn myself in to a guy!” She said cheerfully.

“No wait!” I could already see a penis start to lift her skirt up. I gave her another fetish; My fetish for lesbians.

“No no no, you’re not making me gay!” She started to speed up her process, her boobs started to deflate, but I kept increasing the intensity of the fetish. I also threw in the expansion fetish for good measure; the fetish for increasing the size of the ass, boobs, or hips normally. Her transformation paused. She closed her eyes and began to moan. “No! No! Don’t take this from me! I want to know what it’s like to feel a penis, to have your own penis!” It started again, and I could see her flaccid penis lift her skirt as high as it would go. I stood up and walked to her side. I shoved her arm between my new breasts and whispered seductively in to her ear.

“Are you sure you don’t want to feel me?” I squeezed my breasts together on her arm, and I turned her hand on my flat vagina. She slowly turned her head and opened eyes. She looked in to my eyes, she looked like she was desperately trying to keep going, but she looked down and saw my breasts pressing against her and I could see surrender in her eyes. Her penis disappeared, and her breasts re-inflated, bigger than before. I stuck my hand up the bottom of her shirt and went up to grab her breast. With my other hand I grabbed her ass. She moaned and I felt my breasts become heavier. Under my hand I could feel her breasts expanding too, pushing my hand into her shirt. I unhooked her bra from behind and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts however, finally tore her tank top down the middle, but not all the way down, so I moved in front of her and tore the rest of it. It slid to the floor. “Let’s get wild, Ellie.”

Sometime later, we were resting together on the couch, just keeping each other close and warm. “Honey?” Misty started.

“Hm? What is it?” I asked.

“I have a fetish too. It’s kind of weird, but you got all yours in, so it’s only fair.” I nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, go for it. I told her. Whatever it was, I’m sure I’d like it. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and Misty sat up. She turned around and put her hands on my stomach. I felt my stomach rise. Misty’s face started to glow with excitement. “Uh, what are you doing?” I asked. I felt something inside me begin to take shape. No. I watched my belly continue to rise, it rounded out very circular, almost as if I was… “Wait wait wait!!!” I yelled. It was to no avail. It was now that I realized I should’ve asked the genie for the ability to decrease the intensity of fetishes as well. Finally my belly was almost a foot in front of me, and I felt my breasts become plump with milk. I felt a kick. Oh god no. She didn’t.

“Congratulations Ellie!” Misty yelled. I felt all the blood drain from my face. I put my hands on my now enormous belly. “Here’s the thing Ellie, now that I’m lesbian, I know I won’t be a mom, which I’ve been looking forward to. Also I should tell you before I do it, but if you remember, I can quote ‘change anything or anyone however I desire.’ So, I’m going to change your mind to fit that of what I desire.”

“Wait, think about this!” I started begging. “Do you really think I’ll be a good mom!? I mean, like, obviously, I’m going to be a great mom, but like, I still had so many girls to sleep with, and like, we could be doing awesome 3-ways. I really like my mind how it is. It like, so totally does not need to be changed. Do you think my boobs are big enough? We should totally have a 3-way with a guy. I know you’re lesbian, but I really want to know the feeling of a man inside me without cheating on you. I mean out life will like, totally be over if we have a baby now!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right... but it’s already done. We’re going to be moms!” 

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I loved the story n///n
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Sorry to see you go.  :bye:
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Great cap! It's sad to see you leave though :(
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why are you stopping?
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